Business Messaging Startup Moped Adds Mac Desktop App To Its Arsenal


Moped, a startup based out of Berlin, is an app and platform that lets you send IM-like private messages which allows for photos, maps, you name it. It’s simpler than using an app like GroupMe for privately sharing in groups. It’s also integrated with Dropbox. The startup has now pivoted towards the business/enterprise and today launches – alongside it’s iOS and Android apps – a Mac desktop app you can download here.

This makes sense because while consumers are mobile, workers spend a a lot of time in the office. The mac desktop app simplifies the experience down to focus on private individual or group messaging. It also integrates Dropbox’s file chooser directly into the apps so you can access all your stuff from within Moped. (iPhone only today, coming to our other apps soon.)

You can now browse your entire Dropbox from inside Moped’s iPhone app, so…

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