Bayern Munich fan walks 600 miles from Bosnia to Allianz Arena in European Cup salute

It is amazing what a fan can do for the love of football.


Bosnian Bayern Munich fan Vahid Cehaja made an impressive claim for supporter of the century after walking – yes, walking – 600 miles from his homeland to the Allianz Arena to honour the club’s fifth European Cup success.

Bayern beat Bundesliga rivals Borussia Dortmund in May’s Champions League final at Wembley to seal their fifth European crown – and force Cehaja to don his walking boots and carry out a promise made three years ago.

‘In honor of the fifth Bayern title I walked from Bugojno to Munich. I wanted to show respect to all those [players] who have so far won titles with Bayern Munich,’ he said.

When the Bavarian side lost the 2010 Champions League final to Jose Mourinho’s Inter Milan, the crazy Bosnian – presumably after many steins – decided it would be a good idea to vow to trek to Munich when his side next won…

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