Cheers! Toasting royal baby Prince George set to boost British economy by £60m. How long until a Burger King special?


A grocery think-tank (what, you didn’t know they existed?!) called IGD has announced that it estimates the birth of the new royal prince will generate upwards of £60million for the British economy.

This is not just people raising a glass of wine to the future king, but also a general level of positivity which will have the knock-on effect of making peoples’ wallets a little looser, especially when it comes to buying British produce to celebrate another mouth to feed in Buckingham Palace.

Restaurants and bars are already doing their best to grease the wheels of celebration, with a number of new products hitting the shelves to take advantage of this historic moment.

DockGrill, located in Media City, Salford, a place previously only famous for being the new home of many of the BBC’s staff, is getting in on the act. It is serving up a ‘Royal Flying Baby…

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