“CHILD MARRIAGE IS BARBARIC”: A Campaign in Ignorance

naijainfoman's notes

entry 2When issue becomes controversial, it is necessary that we treat such issue with high sense of responsibility and sensibility. The issue of child marriage has been on the scene of discuss and the present drama currently going on in Nigeria has brought it to lime light once again. This issue can never be over emphasized. The problem remains that every party view it from it own point of angle making their judgement not far fetch from sentiments. As a matter of fact, it will be beneficial enough when we take an holistic approach and take wider view considering how it affect a larger populace rather than being myopic in our approach.

Another thing I will like to clearly state is that it is no gain saying that when any move is orchestrated and sponsored by a very devout Muslim, many are quick to term it ISLAMISATION without considering the benefits…

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