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Mellody Hobson talks about organizing in this week’s “Money Mondays” segment.

This morning I have a cautionary tale for you. Last week, a woman in Queens threw away her life savings. She literally threw it away in a rusted out old refrigerator.

She didn’t remember she’d stashed her cash in there until later that night. When she returned to the dump in a panic the next day, she and the crew couldn’t find the old Frigidaire and she left in despair. Fifteen minutes later, a worker clocked in who had a vague recollection about where it was and they found the old fridge sandwiched between two cars. Inside were two black plastic bags with stacks of cash.

But the woman hadn’t left her name or any contact information! This is the truly unbelievable part: The story made the news and she was reunited with her savings.

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