Just Fab Sues Fab Over Trademark Infringement, Unfair Competition And More. Fab Says It Will “Aggressively Defend Our Brand”


JustFab, the shoes and apparel e-commerce site that has raised $109 million, is taking to the courts to make sure that no one steps on its feet as it expands beyond its home market of the U.S. The company has filed a lawsuit against Fab.com, the other popular fashion commerce site with “Fab” in its name (funding raised: $321 million), over trademark infringement over a “confusingly similar” name, along with related allegations, including unfair competition. Fab.com has already told us it intends to fight the lawsuit “aggressively”:

“Our attorneys are currently reviewing the complaint,” said a spokesperson. “While we are not in a position to comment with any specificity on the allegations we will aggressively defend our brand, products, and services offered to our customers worldwide.”

JustFab, meanwhile, countered with this: “We’re in the business of fashion, not in the business of litigation,” Matt Fojut, General…

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