‘Opportunity makes the thief,’ says V, the enigmatic author of the book, “the mafia manager”. It is a book that talks about organizing your life business in the way the mafia organized itself, and so was very successful in its day. Try to read a copy if you can get one. But I still think most of us will defend the position that organised crime is not something desirable. 

 I’m sure that if you ever hear that word, ‘organised crime’ your mind will quickly race to movies like the Godfather and Donnie Brasco. In fact I did think that way for long until someday, likely out of nowhere, I saw the MAFIA in us: in Nigerians. The most important difference between the Nigerian mafia and the Italian mafia is that the Nigerian mafia has no such thing as an overarching ‘dons.’ Everybody is his/her own don. I know there’s Godfatherism…

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