Pepe Reina shot himself in the foot but leaves Liverpool FC a hero


Pepe Reina will leave Liverpool as a great ambassador for the club, riding through eight turbulent years of its history.

However his somewhat heartfelt letter to Reds fans upon his departure isn’t getting the sympathetic vote from everyone.

In a posting on his official website on Monday, Reina spoke about his loan move to Napoli explaining that it was a bit of a surprise for him and that he had fully expected to stay at Liverpool.

He also took the opportunity to thank the club, the staff, fans and people of the city of Liverpool for making him and his family feel welcome since their move from Villareal in 2005.

But while headlines such as ‘Reina angry at Liverpool exit’ filled Tuesday morning’s back pages, I can’t help feeling Reina shot himself in the foot towards the end of his career.

The handling of his final days at the club…

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