Rocking The Gods – Haneda Festival

Tokyobling's Blog

Here’s some more photos of the uniquely difficult omikoshi procession of the annual Haneda Shrine Festival in Tokyo’s Ota Ward. During festivals, the omikoshi, which are really portable shrines are believed to house the actual Gods of the shrine. These omikoshi are carried in procession around the town that is covered by the protection of the shrine. Different omikoshi have different looks and vary from area to area in very small but important details. Another way they vary is in the manner they are carried. For example the festival in Ikebukuro is famous for almost tipping over the omikoshi in a manner that looks absolutely dangerous. The omikoshi in this festivel however are wildly tilted at regular intervals, in which the people on one side the shrine are thrown into the air while the other side is almost kneeling, rocking or tilting in a see-saw manner. It looks like great…

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