Schindler’s list fails to attract single bid in eBay auction


An original copy of Oskar Schindler’s list of Jews he helped to save during the holocaust has failed to sell on eBay for an asking price of $3 million (£1.96million).

The typewritten document failed to attract a single bid on the online auction site despite a huge amount of interest in the item.

‘Over half a million people viewed the auction on eBay and we had more than 13,000 ‘watchers’, which is exceptionally high,’ said Californian collector Eric Gazin.

He said the item’s unidentified sellers are now in ‘active discussions’ with several parties interested in acquiring the list, featured in Oscar-winning 1993 Steven Spielberg film, starring Liam Neeson.

The sellers of the document claim it is one of four surviving copies comprising the names of 801 workers Schindler employed to save them from Nazi concentration camps.

In total, the German industrialist is believed to have saved the lives of 1,200…

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