Tumblr of the Week: Sharks Make Movies Better


Let’s face it: sharks add sizzle to just about any storyline. That’s the very simple premise behind a new Tumblr, sensibly titled Sharks Make Movies Better. The blog takes movie posters and, as you can imagine, adds shark imagery and puns. The Dark Knight Rises is reincarnated as The Shark Knight RisesInception enters a new dimension as Sharkception and Sleepless in Seattle becomes, naturally, Sharkless in Seattle. These re-worked titles paired with some genuinely impressive Photoshop work have spawned an entertaining, creative little blog filled with some cinematic history and plenty of shark teeth.

This Tumblr is the brainchild of conceptual art director Andrew MacPhee and illustrator/designer Alexis Young. As they explain on the site’s “About” section: “Producers of the critically acclaimed Sharknado figured out the key to making blockbuster movies. Just add a shark. Imagine if they’d solved this earlier.” The duo is also accepting submissions…

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