How to cook the perfect steak


Perfect steak recipe -  how to cook it rare, medium or well done

Cooking a good steak has become the benchmark of the casual chef, a precise science that can leave your guest (or yourself) either looking faintly orgasmic on the first bite or as though chewing rubber. To ensure you do your next cut justice, here’s Gaucho executive chef Mike Reid’s 7 top tips on cooking the perfect steak.

1. Getting the maximum amount of flavour from your steak

Always start off with good meat. If you have good produce then you’ve already won half of the flavour battle. I recommend using wet aged beef – this means the beef is hung for 24-48 hours, then cut and vacuum-packed and left for 21 – 28 days, making the meat very moist and full of flavour.

Cooking on charcoal can give you great natural flavours and if you’re looking to enhance these even more, try adding flavoured wood chips into the mix. There…

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