Unusual clocks and the TED2014 talent search event, TED@NYC

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Designer Max Schmidt’s Breathing Clock is a fascinating object. It doesn’t have hands — rather it inflates and deflates to show the progression of time. Schmidt tells PSFK that it’s an homage to the idea that time is relative.

This invention reminds us of Scott Thrift, who spoke at last year’s TED@NYC about his seasonal clock. “I feel like everybody in this room has had that sensation that [you] don’t have enough time, that you’re running out of time or you just feel like you can’t live in the moment. If we measure a moment by a second, how can we possibly?” he asked, before introducing his idea, an annual clock that marks seasons with morphing colors. “Living it with has given me a different perception of a year.”

Thrift presented this clock at TED@NYC, a talent search event for TED2013: The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered. (Also…

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