Bankers Won’t Speak The Truth Says Pat Utomi.

Rivers of Hope

A professor of political economy and entrepreneurship at the Lagos Business School, Prof. Pat Utomi has taken a swipe at Nigerian bankers for contributing to the culture of corruption that is destroying the country. In an extensive interview with SaharaTV over the weekend on the state of the Nigerian economy, Prof. Utomi accused bankers of being averse to telling the truth.

Bankers are the worst people in this,” Utomi said. “They won’t speak the truth. They say we escaped it this time. But they get caught the next time around.”

Defending himself on the role he played as the star witness for accused banker Mr. Atuche who is accused of defrauding Bank PH B of N27 billion, Utomi said that system was unfair.

“The system set up a prosecutorial lynch mob,” Utomi told SaharaTV’s Rudolf Okonkwo. “Things are thrown on some people. Sometimes really framed. Sometimes…

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