The Joy of Ordinary Days

I’m a Nigerian, and a proud one at that. I love my country, I love my Yoruba culture, and I pray that God shakes up that nation. My love for Nigeria doesn’t blind me from the fact that Nigeria has problems. Corrupt government, health care that kills people instead of curing them, lack of constant electricity,  a ridiculously high poverty rate, and the list goes on and on and on.

Lately though I’ve found reason to be disgusted with Nigeria, and it break my heart. The country of my birth, where I have these memories of playing in the streets with friends, where I felt safe and joyful, where my innocence was allowed to blossom has become unrecognizable to me. Tales of corruption and uneducated government officials who are incapable of speaking with knowledge (Oga on Top) seem to flood my Facebook news feed like they are something…

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