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When a political party is formed, what readily comes to mind is the motive of the founders. Who are the leaders of the Party? What is their motive? It is the motive that determines the modus operandi of the Party. Thus, political parties that are formed to transform society are guided by such transformational ideologies. Similarly, political parties that are deeply rooted in ethnic sentiments and religious bigotry pursue such unworthy purposes. Another parameter is the spread of its membership. In the 2011 General Elections for example the CAN won in most of the South Western States except in Ondo where the Labour Party won and the Governor was re-elected on that platform. The PDP won in the North-East and North-West; dominated in the South-South and the South-East.

In terms of the Party’s leadership, all geo-political zones have benefited almost equally because of the internal democracy of the Party. Some…

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