We Are Not Cursed #11

85 Degrees

PS: My apologies  for posting this installment a day late 🙂


Edited by: Darlene Jones



Dubem straightened up with a machete in his hand. He ran his eyes over the remaining weedy portion of land that was his to clear and with the back of his other hand, wiped away the sweat that had misted over his forehead. It usually took a brief moment for his arm muscles to regain the much needed vigour for work, but now, before that dynamism kicked in, a woman’s image flashed through his mind. A warm inviting smile. Arms held open to him. A body scantily clad in a wrapper.

Just thinking of her enkindled a strong feeling in him.

A desire to hold and cherish.

“No!” Dubem whipped his head widely from side to side.

The woman who’d given him this strangely sweet feeling was Okuoba.

Don’t beat yourself…

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