What If Your Piano’s Keys Supported Multitouch and Gesture Control?


Before you raise your hand to point this out, yes, electronic pianos with innovative touch-related features have existed for decades. The first I played, a little late to the game — a friend’s Korg M1 with aftertouch back in the early 1990s — was a revelation at the time, letting you add strings or brass swells or actually bend the notes by pushing down after striking the key. With a bit of work and practice, you could craft plausible approximations of pitch-bending instruments, say a sax solo, without lifting your left hand off the keyboard to wiggle a kludgy control wheel.

Now imagine keyboard touch controls that worked more like what Apple‘s up to with its laptop trackpads, where you swipe your fingers in natural ways around a smooth glass surface to conjure corresponding behaviors, from scrolling in a browser to zooming on an image to sending windows splaying…

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