Blindness is no barrier for this Texan man as he builds a home from scratch


A Texan blind man has taken on the incredible task of building a house for himself from scratch.

In attempt to recreate his childhood home, Thomas Graham began his operation in April after years of creating smaller items such as cabinets.

Graham, who is a resident of Bullard, 100miles south-east of Dallas, said that he had the desire to carry out such a project since his teenage years and ‘just decided one day, you know, it’s time for me to build that house’.

Having inspired thousands around the world with his story, Graham’s tale also galvanised his local community into wanting to help him – with contractors, electricians and builders turning up on his doorstep to offer their services.

His wife Evonne makes sure that he stays unhurt through the process, handing him his tools and supervising his work.

Graham, who has been blind since he was 18 years old…

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