A Hard Look at the Politics of UK Foreign Aid – John Gelmini

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I thank Dr Alf for reblogging the Telegraph article entitled Britain’s foreign aid has fallen into hands of al-Qaeda, DfiD admits . In my mind, the time has come to take a hard look at the politics of foreign aid. Here are my views.


There should be no foreign aid whatsoever and the matter should be put to a referendum binding on the politicians until such time as our national difficulties are resolved.


When foreign aid is given, it is often stolen and taken offshore by corrupt despots and dictators and it creates dependency.


Countries need to solve their own problems and aid stops them from doing so.


We all recall Bob Geldof and Live Aid during the 1980″s.


Many Ethiopians were saved from starvation in the first famine but the birthrates rose among the survivors and even larger numbers of people…

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