An exposé on starting a business in Nigeria.


Interview with Jerry Igwilo:

As far as foreign investment in Africa goes, it is hard for one not to consider Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria, as a target.
But breaking in can be a challenge, even for a Nigerian.

Jerry Igwilo relocated back home to Nigeria after working in South Africa for a few years to set up his own business. It’s been an interesting process:

ABC: Please tell us your name and what you currently do.

J.I: My Name is Jerry Igwilo.
I moved back to Nigeria last year to start a new business.

ABC: And what did you do before that?

J.I: I worked in South Africa for Absa Wealth as a Wealth Manager.

ABC: Can you tell us the sort of business you looking to start up?

J.I: We are into crude oil spill remediation and soil rehabilitation business. We have a world renowned,EPA-approved microbes remediation agent which we are introducing to the Nigeria market.

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