Experience MK’s Sound Of Heaven gospel concert and album Lunch. All the details and pictures…….

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For weeks, the noise and hype had been everywhere and the buzz was all over the airwaves………….IMG_20130825_164734

Now, after days and weeks and months of preparation, planning and prayer, it was time to experience MK’s eagerly anticipated gospel concert “Heaven on Earth”. If you missed it, then here’s your opportunity to re-live the experience. The concert was billed for 4pm on August 25th. The M&G crew were already on hand to welcome everyone in……………

IMG_20130825_163408but it was barely 3:30pm and the crowd couldn’t wait…



…and the organizers and hosts were putting last minute touches in place to ensure a smooth and successful event…..


Soon enough, the venue was filled! and everyone was set for an experience of a lifetime including your’s trully. If heaven was gonna kiss  the earth, I sure wanted to see it for myself

The concert kicked off after opening prayers by Min. Rufus and then an energetic praise team…

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