Leighton Baines’ snub of Manchester United is the right decision with the World Cup looming


I’ve heard a few people saying Leighton Baines has shown a distinct lack of ambition by sticking with Everton.

With a lucrative deal in the offing from the mighty Manchester United, what’s he thinking?

Well maybe, just maybe, he’s thinking about the World Cup. And is there a chance he’s happy where he is? A possibility he’s putting his family’s feelings to the fore, perhaps.

Let’s face it, things have been going pretty well for Baines.

He’s loved at Goodison, looks a fair bet to be England’s first choice left-back at the World Cup and seems to be happy and settled with his wife and kids on Merseyside.

Even if he could have raked in an extra few quid a week at Old Trafford, he’s probably set for life with the very decent wages he gets already – he’s hardly on a pittance.

It’s not a bad lot, is it?

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