Video: Brave shopkeeper fights off hammer-wielding robber

A real show of bravery and courage. Thank God the robber did not get away with some spoils. I really salute his courage.


A brave shopkeeper fought off a hammer-wielding robber in Stockport using a broken chair leg.

The incident happened on 8 December and police have now released CCTV footage of the attack in the hope they can identify the assailant.

The footage shows a man entering West Coast Wines on Lower Bents Lane, Bredbury, and launching an assault with a hammer.

Despite being under siege, the shopkeeper manages to pick up a broken chair leg and fend off the suspect.

Eventually another member of staff, who is off camera, comes to help and the offender flees.

Detective Constable James Grundy, based at Hazel Grove, said: ‘This robber ran off with his tail between his legs once he realised the odds were suddenly stacked against him.

‘He had unwisely chosen to hold up a shop where the staff were prepared to do what it takes to defend their property and livelihood.’


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