Boko Haram: The Bankruptcy of ‘Islamophobia’

Tendance Coatesy

The World is Concerned at Fate of Nigerian Schoolgirls. But is the British left? 

Seamus Milne has a  simple explanation for Islamist violence.

On the 23rd of April he wrote (Guardian – extracts) ,

It’s the result of ” support for tyranny and military intervention in the Middle East over a century. That record has been the central factor in the rise of Islamist movements and the jihadist backlash since 2001. This week’s US missile attacks in Yemen, which left dozens dead, will generate more of it.”

This ‘backlash’ fuels “a toxic blend of messianic warmongering abroad and McCarthyite witch-hunting at home.

“Meanwhile, in Britain and other countries preparing for next month’s Euro elections, denunciations of Islamic “extremism” and non-existent plots, along with dog-whistle talk about Christianity, are the small change of the contest with rightwing populists. But the fear and hatred they feed will be with us for many…

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