13 things you used the internet for 10 years ago


Before your Facebook and Twitter obsessions kicked in, when dial-up was a thing and your email address was sparkle_fairy_babe@hotmail.com, these 13 things dominated your online life.

Although your online ‘life’ only existed after 6pm when it was free, when your brother wasn’t on the family Windows 97 computer, and when your mum wasn’t on the phone.

Remember these?

1. Neopets

You made a pet, you played games to earn money and then you built yourself a house out of jelly. Was there any better way to spend a Sunday afternoon? Nope, there was not.

ourbrands_neopets_03 Go on, think back, which one of these delights did you ‘foster’ (Picture: Neopets)

2. Ask Jeeves

Remember when Google wasn’t a thing? And you had to ask some weirdo named Jeeves the answers to all your lifelong questions and homework?

It still exists BTW, but it’s only the UK edition that contains a picture of a little man. Cute.

jeevs Jeeves…

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