Assisting other photographers

Professional Development Plan (Prof Frameworks 3)

Another thing I intend to do after graduating is to contact photographers and offer to assist them.

The reason for that is because I’d like to:

1) get to know more established photographers locally, which is effectively networking;
2) watch them working and learn by osmosis;
3) try various photographic genres to figure out what I want to specialise in;
4) experience in my CV and hopefully recommendation letters;

I’d be happy to do it free first time, but after that it would be good if they could pay me – after all, I have bills of my own.

In terms of who specifically I’d like to assist, I think right now my top choice would be Layla Sailor, who came in uni as a guest speaker.

The reason for that is because not only she can she use studio lighting, but I really like her use of colours, props…

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