Further Lighting Practice

Professional Development Plan (Prof Frameworks 3)

In addition to photographing Thomas in the studio, a few classmates and I experimented with some portable lighting equipment. I intended to use it as part of my Final Major Project, but was later discouraged as it would add extra pressure, when there was a lot going on already. Prior to giving up on it, I had posted on my class’s Facebook group to check whether anyone would like to join me to test the equipment together.

Gladly, Laura, Rebecca B. and Patryk were up for it.

We had only been briefly introduced to the portable equipment in year one, on a slideshow about what equipment they had, and never saw it since. So it was great to have other people with me so we could try to figure things out collectively.

We got a couple of stands, flash heads, battery packs, reflector dishes, umbrellas and flash triggers and went…

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