• Interpol arrests Sadiq Ogwuche, d mastermind of Nyanya, Abuja bomb blast in Sudan.
• We’ll bring insurgents to justice. – U.S.
• FG rejects Boko Haram’s prisoner swap offer: Jonathan to Boko Haram; No prisoners swap for girls.
• Nigeria will not negotiate with terrorists. – David Mark.
• Boko Haram sect obscene, incapable of dialogue. – Soyinka.
• We are ready to go to any length to secure d release of Chibok abducted girls. – FG.
• Nigerian military re-strategizes to tackle Boko Haram. – CDS.
• Obasanjo: Jonathan is overwhelmed by Boko Haram.
• Villagers kill 200 Boko Haram members in Borno: 70 motorcycles, 2 Hilux vehicles and 1 Armoured vehicle seized; Several insurgents captured alive.
• Borno: Troops protest as Boko Haram kills 10 soldiers.
• Military probes mutiny in Borno barracks.
• Yobe Govt, Northern senators oppose emergency rule extension.• Northern Senators vow to vote…

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