Nollywood Actress Turns Magician (Photos)

Diamond Celebrities

Nike Peller, daughter of the late magician Professor Abiola Peller and a popular actress, especially in the Yoruba genre, has dumped acting for magic.

The actress who has been performing magic on stage with her brother, Zito Peller, for over a year now is fast learning the captivating magical act.
Nike Peller

Nike Peller & her brother Zito

Nike joined her brother on stage for magical performance at a movie premiere and the audience was captivated and left breathless with their amazing performance.

In July, 2013 in Port Harcourt, thousands of people watched in disbelief as Zito made the actress disappear and appear before their eyes.

In the same year, the duo was paid heavily to perform at the Gulder Club Ultimate launch, where her brother made her float in the air.

Nike Peller
Nike & Zito Peller performing magic

Their one aim now is to sustain their father’s Magic legacy and they have…

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